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XOM Limited is the foremost rope access service provider.

We partner with our clients to provide a safe and cost effective approach no matter how large or small your project.

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Our goal at XOM Service Limited is to satisfy your needs in any work at heights scenario where general means of access is not possible.

To further develop our strengths we have established a corporate mandate to maintain strong core values reflect our philosophy.

Micheal Obodo
Managing Director

We partner with our clients to provide a safe and cost effective approach no matter how large or small your project is. Our goal at XOM SERVICES LIMITED is to satisfy your needs in any work at heights scenario where general means of access is not possible. you can count on XOM SERVICES LIMITED to get the job done safe, efficiently and cost effectively.

XOM LIMITED is the foremost rope access service provider. We specialize in on and offshore rope access solutions for clients in need of the utmost in professionalism and quality code standards. All of our technicians are IRATA certified as well as certified in their given trades and crafts.

XOM SERVICES LIMITED was created out of client necessity to provide rope access services to industries that demand a higher standard of management and operation procedures. We offer a vast range of industrial experience and a dedicated program to safety, quality and production.

Building The Future, Restoring The Past

At XOM SERVICES , we excel at project and program management through early stakeholder engagement, comprehensive planning, strong monitors and controls and effective communication. Our experienced operations team work closely with clients to define a project charter and meet all specific demands and deliverables. Our in-house integrated management tools support project delivery through every stage of the project lifecycle.

The key takeaways and lessons learned from our experience are that early engagement in project planning is crucial, setting clear expectations and goals from the outset is essential and robust change management, and communication plans ensure alignment and excellence in delivery.

Each project presents its unique challenges, requiring tailored strategies and solutions. The role of frontline leadership, particularly that of the project manager, cannot be overstated. Effective communication and strong leadership are key differentiators between a good and significant project. These elements, when combined, form a robust framework for managing inspections and ensuring project success.


  • Early engagement in project planning is crucial.
  • Set expectations and goals to enable accountability.
  • Collaboration between all stakeholders is a must.
  • Focusing on the planning phase directly contributes to productivity.
  • Engaging your frontline team and sub-contractors in the planning ensures ownership.
  • Each project comes with individual challenges.
  • Frontline leadership from the project manager with strong communication is the difference between a good project and a great project.
  • INITIATING: This stage marks the beginning of a project, specifically when the project gets approved, and helps managers visualise what is to be done.
  • PLANNING : Is the most crucial stage of this process and identifies what needs to be done, and how it should be done, in order to accomplish the project scope.
  • EXECUTING : The execution stage sees the previously designed plans enacted. This is typically the brunt of any project and is the key area where results will be delivered.
  • MONITORING & CONTROL : This stage maintains the integrity of the project and increases its longevity through close monitoring and control of various areas - ensuring that all deliverables are being met.
  • CLOSING : This marks the end of the project lifecycle and is where project reports will be presented to clients.


While our cross-functional teams have a suite of custom software systems, mature processes, specialist access management procedures, and a wealth of experience, all of this is irrelevant without exemplary leadership and the right people for the job.

XOM SERVICES understands the importance of our people and takes care to utilise our staff’s unique skill sets, drivers, and individual experience to promote a culture of ‘Servant Leadership’.

Servant leaders share power, listen to others, focus on client and staff needs, and help others develop and perform as highly as possible while building a sense of community. Implementing this model can multiply our leadership capability and increase the human potential to serve our clients better.


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